Last night I had a dream I was at my moms house buying my ticket to Ottawa and my stepdad and dad were both there and my dad kept saying he was going to make me end up in Florida? And my mom kept throwing out my bed and then telling me I was staying there even though I had no place to sleep and I can’t help but think I’m never going to get far enough away where my parents don’t make me feel this way anymore

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Pinch Me
Barenaked Ladies — Maroon
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On an evening such as this
It’s hard to tell if I exist
Pack the car and leave this town
Who’ll notice that I’m not around?

I could hide out under there
I just made you say “underwear”
I could leave but I’ll just stay
All my stuff’s here anyway

One of my absolute favorite BNL songs. I makes me all existential and stuff but then pulls me right back out of it because it’s so funny I can’t help but feel better. BNL really has a habit of making you think.


My milkshakes bring them all and in the darkness bind them. 

"Do you sign my resignation or not?" "I do!"


I love this


I love this


I honestly don’t know how anyone is this good looking


I honestly don’t know how anyone is this good looking


i just had a huge moment of realisation in this lecture and need to tell you all right now. in the film I Am Legend, Will Smith watches the film Shrek. this means that dreamworks animation studios exists in this universe. this would mean that the film Shark Tale, in which Will Smith voices an animated fish also exists in the I Am Legend universe and I’m not sure what this means

❝ The sadness will last forever. ❞

— Vincent van Gogh’s last words (via austro-hungarianempire1867-1918)

get wrecked

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Matt Corby
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You’ll be my resolution. 



How is this a real show???

this was the part where we realized that linda is my mother